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Kingdom of Night

Hunt creatures of the night in this Action RPG set in the suburbs of Arizona in the iconic 1980's. Choose a class, and take to the streets to save your small town from Baphomet and his demon generals.

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One night, in 198X, in the small town of Watford, Arizona, a satanic cult unwittingly summons the ancient evil, Baphomet, catapulting the town into chaos. John, awoken by the kidnapping of his neighbor, sets out into the night to fight back against the demonic invasion and rescue his friends before it's too late...

Kingdom of Night is an 80’s themed isometric, story-driven, action-RPG with an expansive, interconnected map and open-ended quest system. It is a game about coming of age, cosmic horror, and true love. The player takes control of John as his adventure leads him through an hour by hour experience of what may be everyone's last night on Earth. He will encounter unearthly evils, Demon lords, afflicted townsfolk, high school bullies, and a torrent of engaging, serial-like side stories all nested in a larger-than-life fantasy that brings the ultimate evil to a neighborhood near you. 

Players can choose their own class, customize their abilities, battle nightmarish creatures, and collect unique items and equipment in order to infiltrate the massive lairs of demon lords that have taken over the town.


The main quest in Kingdom Of Night involves defeating the Five Demon Generals and gaining access to Baphomet's fortress, Leviathan. After the first introductory chapter of the game, which we call Midnight, the entire map of Watford opens up for the player to explore, and the Five Demon Generals can be defeated in any order.


Choose from 3 different classes and 9 subclasses. The class you choose decides your base style, while the skill trees allow for further customization. Each class excels differently, providing a unique play style depending on your choice.


Skill trees are split into 3 branches, containing 10 different talents each. As you level up, you are allotted points to spend into any of the three branches of your class. Once you have reached level 10 in your first branch, you are free to cross over into another branch, allowing you to fully customize your play style.


You don’t have to face the forces of darkness by yourself. In Kingdom of Night, either play through the campaign alone, or with a friend in local co-op. Team up and synergize different character classes, becoming a torrent of annihilation that the underworld will fear.


Get new equipment via quest rewards, hidden items throughout the town, and random drops with multi-tiered loot tables and variable drop rates. Items range from common to completely unique. The items you collect provide an extra dimension to character stat development and have special abilities that will make you even more powerful.